Thursday, January 7, 2016

Multiple Step Story Problems

We have been working on solving multiple step story problems.

A multiple step story problem is a problem where you need to use two or more operations to solve the problem.

Here is an example of a multiple step problem:

To help us understand multiple step problems, we tried a challenge activity. For this activity we started with a target number, and then we had to write a multiple step problem that had our target number as the answer.

There were two guidelines:

1. There had to be at least two steps to get to the answer.
2. The steps had to be different operations.

We used the Explain Everything app to share our problems. 

Below are a few of the multiple step story problems we wrote. This was quite a challenge to do! See if you can solve some of them.

Here is Izzy and Jason's problem.

This is a Jillian and Ian's problem.

Here is Mason W. and Joey's problem.

Here is Jackson and Andrew's problem.

This is Luke and Cordelia's problem.

Thanks for checking out our story problems. Can you choose one and solve it in the comment section below? We would love to hear what you think the answer is.