Thursday, September 11, 2014

Verbs, Verbs, Verbs

In Mrs. Essenburg's class we have been learning about verbs. What is a verb? I'll let Sara tell you.

After learning what a verb is, we got together and brainstormed a whole bunch of verbs. And because verbs show action, what better way to think and learn about verbs than to act them out? We got into groups and used our acting and directing skills to film each other. Take a look at the Verb Movie we created!

However, verbs alone are not enough. We use verbs as part of sentences. In fact, it is impossible to write a complete sentence without a verb. 

Quite often, we have to add an ending, such as ed, or ing, to our verb. Sometimes we have to put helping words, like is or are, in front of our verb.

For example:

Ryan raced across the playground.

Deven waved at her friend across the street.

Jack is riding his bike in his neighborhood.

Kayla was swinging on the tire swing.

Your turn third graders! You can use a verb in our video or think of your own! Write a comment below with a sentence using a verb. Remember to think about whether or not you need to add an ending.  

Any other visitors to our blog, we would love to see an action verb sentence from you as well!


  1. Dear Class,

    It was a rainy day, so we filmed inside.

  2. Dear class,

    I was runing home to day

  3. Dear Class,
    I like playing gaga ball with my friends.

  4. Dear Class,

    I was CARTWHEELING at cub cheer.

  5. Dear Class,

    What the what I SAW a deer RIDING a bike!!!!!

  6. Dear Class,

    I SKIPPED to my house.

  7. Dear class,

    I will have to walk to school and home

    Love kaydace

  8. Dear class,
    I RODE home in a car.

  9. Dear Class,

    I love rolling.

  10. Dear Class,

    I ride my bike to school.

  11. Dear Class

    Conner ran home from school.

  12. Dear Class,

    I rode my bike to my firend`s house.

  13. DEAR Class

    I jumped around my house

  14. Dear Class,

    I played gagaball.

  15. Dear Class,

    Today we went around the classroom looking for arrays and we took pictures.

  16. Dear Class,

    I gushed to my mom I had a great day.

  17. Dear Class,
    I like playing gaga ball with friends.

  18. Dear Class,

    Writing sentences with action verbs is fun. Reading your great sentences with action verbs is fun too!

  19. Dear,class.

    I like verbs to.


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