Sunday, November 23, 2014

Pumpkin Measurement

Check out the update on the bottom of the post!

A short time ago, one of our amazing volunteers, Mr. Swanson, stopped by. He had two enormous pumpkins left over from Halloween. He was wondering if we might be able to use them somehow.

Our answer: Yes, of course we can!

Here are the pumpkins:

As we are just wrapping up a unit on measurement, these two days before Thanksgiving are a great time to practice what we've been learning using the pumpkins we received from Mr. Swanson.

There are two of them, so Mrs. Scholma's class will take one pumpkin and our class will take the other. Mrs. Lemmen's class will join our classes as well.

Here is the pumpkin our class will be using:

Now it's time to estimate! We are going to estimate the weight, the height, the width, and even the capacity after we hollow it out. Use the Google Form below to submit your estimate. We will be estimating with the metric system in our classroom as that is what we have been working on, but visitors to our blog--feel free to use either one. We will be measuring with both.

Here is the form:

Check back to see the results!


We had a great time measuring the pumpkins. It was fun to join together with Mrs. Lemmen's class and put our estimates in the form.

Here are the final results.

Weight: 14.1 Kilograms/31 pounds
Height: 50 Centimeters/19.5 inches
Width: 22 cm/ 8.5 inches
Volume/Capacity: 7 liters/1.8 gallons

Congratulations to:

Ruby and Krista, who had the closest estimate to the weight with an estimate of 15 kilograms.

Deven and Garrett, with an estimate of 50 centimeters for the height which was exactly right!

Aniya and Brooklyn, with an estimate of 21 centimeters for the width--only one centimeter off!

Jack and Kaydance, who had the closest estimate of the capacity of the pumpkin with an estimate of 8 Liters.

Well done everyone!

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