Monday, November 23, 2015

Fact and Opinion

In Mrs. Essenburg's Classroom we have been learning how to tell the difference between facts and opinions.

What is a fact?
A fact is something that can be proved. 

For example, Thanksgiving is a holiday in November is a fact. We can prove it is true by looking at the calendar.

What is an opinion?
 An opinion is something we think or believe

For example, Thanksgiving is the best holiday of all is an opinion. We can't prove it, and some people might agree and others might disagree.

As we read, it is important to think about what we are reading and determine whether statements are facts or opinions. Thinking carefully about what we read helps us to understand the text in a deeper way.

We did a lot of fun activities to practice understanding the difference between facts and opinions

One activity we did was to make puzzles for our classmates to solve using the Stick Around app.

Here is a puzzle that Jillianne and Lainie made about facts and opinions about Tabby Cats.

Izzy made a Fact and Opinion puzzle about Fall.

Then, we worked together with a partner to research a topic that we found interesting. We wrote down facts and opinions about that topic, and used Book Creator app to write pages for a book.

We wrote one page with facts and one page with opinions. 

Then we put them together to make a class book!The video below shows our class book set to music. Check out the facts and opinions about our topics.

Different opinions are a great way to start a discussion! It is fun to talk about opinions that we agree or disagree with. Can you choose an opinion from the video above and let us know if you agree or disagree with the opinion and why? We look forward to your comment.


  1. Dear class,

    I agree that learning about ankles would be complicated. However, I don't agree that ankles would be fun to research. I think I would rather research other things.

    Mrs. Essenburg

  2. Dear class,
    I disagree with Luke and Mason T. I don't think it is the worst when Raven left the clan. I thought it was the right thing to do.

  3. Dear classmates

    I agree that cats are cute! But i want to know do you think they are cute?

  4. Dear class,

    I agree that tabbies are cute but I disagree about the fact tabbies are adventurous

  5. Dear Class,

    I agree that tabby cats are cute but sum times they cant scratch you,it really hurts!
    Tabby cats are cute but definitely kittens tabby cats are cuter than alder tabby cats.

    from Julian.

  6. Dear class,
    I think minecraft is an awesome game because you could make a lot of things.
    Have you built a cool buildings?

  7. Dear Class,
    "My opinion about shabby kittens is I agree about that they are adorable because
    I have had my own before and he was so cute I loved him that's why I agree."

  8. Dear class
    I liked the toddy cats too. they look cute to me. why do I like toddy cats I like them Because they feel fufy.

  9. Dear class,

    I agree that Golden Retrievers are cute. Although, I disagree that easier to take care of than other dogs because there used to be a Golden Retriever here at Pinewood named Buttons that was very easy to train and took care of people who needed help.


  10. Dear class,
    I disagree that baseball is a very good sport I once tried it it wasn't my favorite sport id rather go with soccer or basketball. but whats your favorite sport and why. Jackson.

  11. Dear class

    I think tabby cats are cute because I have one he is so cute.

  12. dear class

    i agree that tabby cats are cute because sometimes they roll in to a ball and it is cute.


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