Monday, December 14, 2015

Hour of Code

Last week our classroom participated in the Hour of Code.

What is the Hour of Code? 

The Hour of Code is an introduction to computer science. It introduces the type of logical thinking necessary to write computer code.

Check out the website here: Hour of Code.

Students were able to write code for a variety of different characters.

Some chose to write code for Elsa and Anna from Frozen.

Some chose to write code for Angry Birds.

Minecraft was a very popular choice.

And of course, with the Star Wars movie coming out this week, there had to be a puzzle for Star Wars!

We had to move the blocks to tell the computer how to make the characters move.

It took some time, and the puzzles didn't always work out the first time. We had to try more than once to solve them, and ask each other for help.

However, we stuck with it, and we were able to solve the puzzles!

When we finished, we received a certificate for working on our puzzles!

If your child enjoyed coding and would like to continue on his or her own, check out this link on our classroom website with additional coding opportunities.

Coding Websites

Let us know what you think of what we learned about coding. Please share in the comment section below.


  1. I am very impressed by the coding you all did! When I was in third grade we had one computer for our entire classroom to share, and it could only do very basic functions- no fancy coding puzzles! I think it's great that you are working together to learn these important tech skills.

    Mrs. Jameslyn

  2. Dear class,
    I love coding. When I code I take it very serious. I loved it when I get stuck because it takes a while to figure out. Do you like coding why or why not?
    (thank you for letting us code)

  3. Dear,class

    I like coding it was fun but one thing i did not like about it it was getting harder and harder.

  4. Dear class,

    I loved coding so much that I want to go to scratch and make an impossible puzzle. If I do i´m going to tell you to do it. W ha ha ha ha!

  5. Dear class
    I liked the video that you made it was cute. I also like to go on my computer and start to code my dad would help me. love sydney

  6. Dear class,
    I love to do hour of code. I think it is hard though I'm stuck on one of them in Elsa. I think that I am on 6. What do you think?

  7. Dear class, I liked coding but it was a little hard. I had to have help on # 7. Why do you think coding is a good idea to learn? Mrs. Essenburg I like how you put those videos on it.

  8. Dear Class,
    I thought it was fun. But somethings was challenging and I still liked it. My favorite one to play was Minecraft and frozen I liked Frozen because it was cool to see what the creation was gonna turn out to be and Minecraft to play because I haven't before and It was fun to collect all the bricks and wool and make a house. I think coding is awesome.

  9. Dear class,
    I think coding was AMAZING! But it was pretty frustrating. I did the flappy bird and the minecraft one. It was awesome. I think it was kind of hard to help other people when they weren't doing the same one as you.

  10. Dear, class
    My connection is when I beat the star wars coding I was so happy and I don't think i'll ever forget it and I was happy because I got the coding paper.

  11. Dear class,
    I loved this amazing time where we did hour of code. It was my favorite thing I did all year. I did the Star Wars puzzle the Minecraft puzzle and a Flappy Bird puzzle.
    What did everyone else do in hour of code thanks for this amazing post!

  12. Dear class,

    I really like coding it was really fun because it taught me how to program with a computer. Did you do coding in school when you were a kid?

  13. Dear class
    I like the Minecraft one but I wish that it had the ender dragon at the end and go into the end portal and get the dragon egg.

  14. Dear,class

    I like coding it was fun but one thing i did not like about it it was getting harder and harder. Some people thought that the Minecraft one was not even hard like the boy who sits next to me he flew threw it.When people got done they could make a certificate only some people finished.

  15. Dear class,

    I think coding was fun and when we were using teamwork and I did help my friend.It is also fun when Mrs. E teaches us because my opinion is that Mrs. E is the best teacher ever! I think that coding was fun because I was able to finish the minecraft code and the star wars code and i'm half way threw the angry birds code.

  16. Dear Class

    I thought that coding was little hard but It was a LOT of FUN. And tell me if you liked it and why?

  17. Dear class,
    I think coding was super fun. I did robotics and it is now easier to code. I did coding last year and I had a lot of trouble figuring out how to make the characters do a certain task. Now that I did robotics and I know how to program, I still get kind of stuck sometimes but it is not as complicated as it was last year. I think coding will help me a lot when I grow up. It was a lot of fun to do and I really hope that we will get to do hour of code next year in fourth grade. I am glad we did hour of code this year.


  18. Dear Mrs. Essenburg,

    I like how you put a video of us coding on your coding post. I think coding was lots of fun. Can you show me how to put a video on my blog? Can you also give me my coding "secret words"?

  19. Dear class

    I did not like coding, because It was hard! But I also liked It! Because it kind of was fun. I thought the snowflakes are the hardest. And I thought the easiest was the squares. Which do you like and don't like?

  20. Dear Miss E

    I liked hour of code but I think it was hard I think we should do it again.

  21. Dear Mrs. Essenburg
    I really liked the hour of code.
    I loved the video you made of the coding!
    I think coding was hard but fun!
    Did you like looking at all the coding.

  22. Dear, class I loved Hour Of Code. It was hard but my friends helped me.

  23. Dear Class,
    I really loved coding because we got to do more than one code.
    I love coding because we got to do our favorite one.
    What is your favorite one?


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