Sunday, October 26, 2014

Fact and Opinion

In Mrs. Essenburg's class we have been learning about fact and opinion.

The first thing we did was learn what a fact is and what an opinion is.

I'll let Kaydance tell you what a fact is:

And Ryan can tell us what an opinion is:

We came up with lots of examples of facts and opinions!

Our next task was to find facts and opinions in what we were reading. That was a little more difficult. 

We looked for clue words to help us find opinions. The clue words that helped us were words like best, worst, think, believe, and should.

For facts we looked for things we knew we could prove, such as events that happened, numbers, dates, etc.

We practice with fiction and nonfiction text.

One activity we did was read the nonfiction text Amazing Animal Tales, all about animals who saved the lives of people. 

It was a bit more difficult finding opinions in nonfiction text, but we did it! We created movies to show the facts and opinions we found. We also made sure to explain how we knew our statement was either a fact or an opinion. We used the app Shadow Puppet to create our videos.

Here is the video that Andrew and Ruby made:

Here is Kaiya's video.

Here is the video that Tessa and Sara made.

Here is the video that Claire and Bradyn made.

Here is the video that Deven and Kiersten made.

We had a lot of fun creating videos about facts and opinions. We would love to hear some facts and opinions from you! Can you share some facts you know or some opinions that you have in the comment section below?

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