Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The US Southeast Region

We are learning all about the regions of the United States in Social Studies. Here is one of our favorite videos about the United States.  We have watched it twice now and we keep asking for more, so here it is on our blog so it is easy to find!

We are having a lot of fun "traveling" around the United States visiting different parts of our country. We are not only learning great things about the United States but also some very important nonfiction reading skills.

This week we are visiting the Southeastern Region of the United States. 

We always start out learning about the land and water of the area. For this region we tried something a little different. 

After reading our nonfiction selection and highlighting important details about the land and water forms, we used a new technology tool called Thinglink.

Thinglink is a tool that lets you take an image and use icons to annotate that image. We used an image of a map of the southeastern United States. This let us show exactly where some of these important parts of the Southeast region are located.

It was a good way to have a better understanding of exactly where these landforms are located. Reading is great, but creating something after we read about it helps us remember it better. We had to go back to the text and check the map and think about where all of these land forms and bodies of water are located.

We might even be able to use this information in our next Mystery Skype!

Here are three of the thinglinks we created of the southeast region. This was our first time using this tool and we did a great job! Just roll over each image with your mouse.

Have you ever visited  the Southeast Region of the United States? Maybe one of the visitors to our blog lives in this part of the United States! What is your favorite thing about this region? We would love to hear about it in the comments.

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