Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Holiday Card Exchange

This year our class participated in a Holiday Card Exchange. This is one of the many online collaborative projects for schools created and hosted by Jen Wagner.

First we each made a Holiday card. The theme this year was lights.

Inside each card we put a paper with information about our classroom. 

Then we addressed envelopes to classrooms all over the United States and Canada and mailed them out!

Then we waited...

At first just a few cards came in the mail.

Then more...

And finally more cards than students in our class!

When there were enough cards so each of had one to open, we went ahead and opened them.

Then we looked to see where all the cards came from. Check out the map below to see.

We looked at the information papers in their cards. It was fun learning about the different schools! Then we each entered the information from our card into a Google form. This way we can use this data later! Here is the information we collected.

The cards look wonderful. Every class was so creative! 

Sending cards to friends during the holiday season is a tradition.

Many people have special traditions during the holiday season such as sending cards. Do you have any holiday traditions that you celebrate with your family? We would love to hear about them. Please share in the comment section below.


  1. I love the video of the class opening the cards! We have lots of fun holiday traditions one that our whole family enjoys is filling out advent calendar full of goodies and sharing one each day as we count down the days to Christmas.

  2. Great job on the cards this week, class! I was SO excited to hear Claire tell me about all of the schools. It was interesting to hear how big and small some of the other schools are!

    For a holiday tradition, the Peterman Family goes to church on Christmas Eve. The kids also spend New Years Eve with their aunt at a hotel water park! Also, Claire's grandmother has a tradition (I think its Dutch or German) of hiding a pickle ornament in her Christmas tree. The first grandchild to find it gets a prize!

    What are some of YOUR traditions?

  3. This is from Ryan's Mom, who was having a difficult time posting:

    On Christmas Eve we remember the true meaning of Christmas. We then decorate cookies and open 1 gift.
    We then play a game and have fun with grandparents.

  4. We eat pizza Fondo and on Christmas eve we go to are grandma's house.And we get to open presents with my aunt Allie and my uncle Karter. We also do this calender count down thing. What happens is each day of December we get a piece of candy till the 25. Well that is some of are family tradition's.

  5. Dear Kaiya,

    What great traditions! It sounds like your family has a lot of fun ones. I love doing the Christmas countdown as well. To everyone who shared their traditions, thank you so much!


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