Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Thinking About Numbers

In math right now we are learning about rounding. To help us think about numbers in ways that will help us learn to round, we did some thinking about place value.

Usually when we look at a number such as 427, we just think about the three digits we see. We don't often stop and think about what each number means.

It is helpful to think about a number such as 427 as 4 hundreds and 2 tens and 7 ones.

That's great, but we want to really think about numbers and how we can break them apart. So we played a game called Find Three Ways.

In Find Three Ways, we looked at a three digit number and came up with different ways we can think about that number. We can think about it as it is pictured above, like this:

4 Hundreds
2 Tens
7 Ones

Or we could think of it as 

3 Hundreds
12 Tens
7 Ones

Or we could think of it as 

4 Hundreds
1 ten
17 Ones

There are SO many different ways we can think about one number like 427. 

First we used place value blocks to show different ways to show a number. When we finished some of us had the chance to share our thinking with a screencast. Check them out below!

Here is Claire's screencast.

Here is Jocelyn's screencast.

Here is Tessa's screencast.

Here is Gavin's screencast.

As  you can see, many students did more than three ways!  

Check back as more screencasts will be uploaded soon.

Until then, can you think of another way to show one of the numbers listed above? Tell us in the comment section below!

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  1. Dear Class,

    What a great video. I found a simple machine. It is a door knob which is a wheel and axle. Ilike simple machines. What is your favorite simple machines?


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