Monday, January 19, 2015

All About Adjectives

We are always looking for ways to make our writing more interesting and fun to read. We want to be able to paint a picture with words for our readers.

One way to do that is to add interesting adjectives to our writing.

But what is an adjective?

An adjective is a word that describes a noun.  

Adjectives make writing more interesting and help the reader see what we are writing about. For example, which of these sentences paints a clearer picture in your mind?

The cat ran up the tree.

The drenched, terrified, yowling cat scurried up the wide, dark trunk of the tree.

The second sentence has adjectives that tell us a lot more about what is going on. It makes us want to know more!

We used the app Pic Collage to practice using adjectives. We chose a noun and thought of adjectives to describe that noun. Below are some of the Pic Collages we made.

Here are some adjectives by Tessa and Gavin describing the noun puppy.

Ruby and Jocelyn found some adjectives to describe the noun monkey.

Sara Jean, Kaiya, and Claire found adjectives to describe the noun unicorn.

Jaelyn, Ryan, and Kaydance found adjectives to describe the noun castle.

Jack and Kayla found adjectives to describe the noun tiger.

Some of us even had time to do a second activity using the app Chatter Pix. This app is a lot of fun and a fun way to learn about grammar!

Here is the Chatterpix that Conner and Ryan created about adjectives.

Here is the ChatterPix that Sara Jean and Jaelyn created using adjectives.

Check back for more ChatterPixes using adjectives!

Now that we have a good beginning understanding of adjectives, the next step is to be sure we use them in our writing.

Adjectives help our writing come alive and help to paint a picture in the reader's mind. Choose a sentence below and add some adjectives in the comment section to make it more interesting!

The boy walked into the forest.

The bird soared through the sky.

The car drove down the highway.

The dog barked at the girl.


  1. Dear class,

    Here are my adjectives. The boy walked in the dark, and scary forest.

  2. Dear Class,
    I Picked the sentence,"The dog barked at the girl." Now I am going to make it better. "The dirty, raggy, angery dog groweled loudly at the neat terrified girl.

  3. Dear Class,

    Here are my adjectives. The boy trudge in the deep dark black scary forest.

  4. Dear class,
    Here are my adjectives the big tall mysterious boy walked into the swampy dense and foggy forest.

  5. Dear class,
    Here are my adjectives. The perky uprite adorable young puma ponced on the terrified mouce.

  6. Dear Class,

    Here are my adjectives. The clever boy shivered as he walked into the deep dark forest.

  7. Dear Class,
    Here are my adjectives for the sentence The bird soared through the sky. The huge, bald, eagle soared through the big, bright, sunny sky with gigantic, fluffy clouds.
    From Tessa

  8. Dear Class,
    Here are my adjectives. The curious, frisky dog barked at the little, frightened girl.

  9. Dear Class,

    Here are my adjectives for this sentence. The 8 year old girl walked into the forest. She was walking terrified. While she was walking she fell on the slippery ice. She started crying as loud as thunder.

  10. Dear Class,
    Here is my new and approved sentence. The smart curious little girl went on the awesome neat blogger blog, and her awesome teacher made the blog. She did a awesome comment on adjectives.

  11. Here is my sentence with adjectives:
    The furious hound growled and barked at the small redhead girl.

  12. Dear Class,
    I love your Chatterpix's and your pic collages what a great way to use adjectives very creative!


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