Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Sharing our Science Learning

We have been learning a lot about physical science, which is our first science unit. In between experiments, we have been working on some projects all about what we have learned. Creating projects is a great way for us to take what we're learning and create something special to share.

Our first science unit was about force and motion and simple machines. As part of the unit, we created slide shows about the Six Simple Machines. This was our first experience creating a slide show and they turned out great. Here are some below!

We are currently learning about the many different aspects of light. We have been reading nonfiction text about the characteristics of light. Taking what we are reading and putting it in our own words helps us understand these new concepts. It is also a good way to practice correct paragraph form.

We did this with the app Write About This. Here is an example by Claire and Kiersten.

Today we investigated the question of what happens when light hits a surface. We formed a hypothesis of what would happen when light hit different types of surfaces. We then got out flashlights to check to see if our hypothesis was correct.

The photos are dark, because we turned the lights off so we could concentrate on the light from our flashlights. Hopefully you can see how much fun we were having!


When we finished we looked to see if what we observed in our investigation supported our hypothesis. We had a great discussion about how light reflects off objects.

There are so many interesting categories of science. Mrs. Essenburg's favorite science topic is learning about rocks and minerals. What is your favorite science topic? We would love to hear about it!

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