Wednesday, February 11, 2015

5 Sentence and 100 Word Challenge

I'm sure it comes as no surprise to anyone that I believe blogging is a wonderful way to improve students' skills in many areas. 

However, blogging is more meaningful when we know there is an audience that reads our work.

This week we began creating entries for two different writing challenges, the 5 Sentence Challenge and the 100 Word Challenge. These are blogging challenges that students all over the world enter. More information about the challenges are on the tab on the top of the blog.

New challenges are given approximately every two weeks, and there are volunteers who do their best to make sure they visit each blog entry and leave a comment. Each week a few entries are chosen as the highlight entries of the week!

 A lot of us entered the 5 Sentence Challenge. This week the 5 Sentence Challenge consisted of looking at the picture below and writing about it. Here are some of our entries this week:

From Bradyn:

The England towers are so cool because they are so old and that they are big. The boats are so good they are bigger than are boats.  And it is biggest place on earth. The house is so big. The trees are so pretty.

From Jaelyn:

Once upon a time there was a girl named Elizabeth who lived  in a very nice city in England. She lived in the castle with her mother and father in the castle. She wanted to move because she was bossed around all the time. One day she got so made she ran away. Her mother and father sent guards out looking for her. Then she found a tower well of course she climbed it. When she got in she in she saw a handsome prince. The guards keep looking for her for 2 days. The princess had her own room. They talked and talked for ever. Every night they went to bed and woke up early. They never new each others names. And they lived happily ever after.

From Ruby:

It is a great day in England.
There are people playing with there dog. There are people playing on boats. There is a huge castle towering over every thing. There is a green tree. There are birds falling in the sky. There is a pink building.

From Kaydance:

Wow look at this castle! The boats are  floating on the water waiting for people to come on. The towers are towering over the people. There are bands playing like crazy. The castle has 10 floors! Everyone is looking up because…SOMEONE IS FALLING! But when the person hit the floor he was just fine!? Every one was wondering how he did it? So they called 911 and then when 911 was there he said that the person that fell was fine so all theother people were amazed! They asked the person what his name was.  His name was Will. All the other people asked him if Will could do magic  and Will could do magic!

From Claire:

Once upon a time there was a beautiful city in England, A girl and a boy were having a nice, fancy lunch. They were having turkey and fruit and vegetables and sitting on a plaid picnic blanket. If you looked around them you would say they picked a perfect spot. The blue silky water next to them flowed peacefully as they ate and talked. There was a castle that towered before them with pretty colored houses in front of the castle. Lots of boats were drifted all around them on the water. Of course, they were on the grass and dogs were playing next to them. Trees in front of the colored houses were bent and turned as they sat on the ground. Up in the sky, the clouds were puffy and snow white. They had the best time.

From Deven:

I am writing about a beautiful picture.  This  wonderful  picture  is  a  building in  Paris.  These buildings are enormous if you look up close. It took years and years to build.  A lot of people were in awe when they saw the building.

From Kaiya:

The boats are  floating on the crystal clear water. Towers are towering over the people. People are smelling the fresh air in the sky. People are gazing out the window. People are playing out on the smooth grass.

From Jack:

Once upon a time there were a very nice city. There were big long castles. There was a smooth long river, and the river was blue. People were having picnics there. Also there were long green trees. There were long white boats. 

Some students decided to take on the 100 Word Challenge. The prompt for the 100 Word Challenge was to put this phrase in a piece of writing:

...look up! Can you see...

Here is Tessa's Entry to the 100 Word Challenge:

One day there was two girls walking in the park. Their names were Grace and Ella.
Grace said “Do you want to go play at my house?”
“I would love to!” Ella said happily.
On there way to Grace’s house Ella spotted something that she had never seen before. It was a golden eagle.
Ella said “Look up! can you see?”
“See what?” asked Grace.
“That golden eagle. It is up there.”
Ella said as she pointed up at the eagle.
“Oh now I see it. That is so cool!” Grace exclaimed.
“Take a picture of it so we can show your mom.” Said Ella.
So Grace took a picture and they ran home to show Grace’s mom.

Here is Jocelyn's entry to the 100 Word Challenge:

It was a warm sunny spring day, the sun was shining and the birds were whistling. One day a little girl named Abby was skipping in the park. When suddenly she saw a shadow in the bright blue sky. It was so hard to believe. Abby streaked to her mom with a worried look on her face. Abby’s mother was  very concerned.
” Mom look up can you see it as well?” said Abby.
Abby’s mother looked up a little frightened. She screamed right before Abby could ask if she was o.k.
” AAAAAAHHHHH” screamed Abby’s mother. ” It’s…It’s a … FLYING PIRATE SHIP! One pirate shot a cannon it was loud. Another pirate walked off the edge and landed in a bird bath. Suddenly everything went blurry …
Abby opened her eyes and realized it was a horrible nightmare. 

I am very proud of every child who entered the challenge! They would love comments! To leave a comment on any of the challenges click on the Kidblog icon near the top of the blog.

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