Monday, February 2, 2015

Snow Day Challenge

Another Snow Day!

It is SNOWY and COLD outside!

So here's something to do on your day off!

Our amazing fifth grade teacher, Mrs. U'Ren, has been posting Snow Day Blogging Challenges for her students, and it's such an incredible idea, I thought we should do it as well.

I checked with Mrs. U'Ren and she shared some of her favorite blogging challenges she has done so far.

In the spirit of Valentine's Day coming up, I thought a great one to start with is the "Be Nice" Challenge, like these two lovely ladies from our class.

So what do you do? Find a way to help! Clean up an area of your house, make something special for a friend, shovel off part of a sidewalk, just find a way to make a difference! Tell us what you did in a blog post and include a picture if you can.

You can either comment below, as Conner did, or put up a post on your Kidblog. Your choice!

I look forward to seeing your posts and will share my own!


  1. We cleaned the living room (asa helped too),we had to clean the couch and the carpet with the vacuum. asa also cleaned the laundry room and the mud room. we did lots of cleaning today! p.s. we still have the basement to do!

  2. Hello Conner

    What a great way to help out and show kindness to your parents! I know how much time cleaning takes me and I always appreciate it when my boys help out. It allows me time to do other things rather than cleaning--and that's always a good thing! Thanks for being the first participant in our first Snow Day Challenge!

  3. Dear Class,
    I did the dishes for my mom and I cleaned my room and I also played a game with my brother and sister nicely. We are going to have dinner together and watch a movie. That is how I spent my snowday.

  4. Dear Jocelyn,

    It sounds like you found some great ways to be nice and help out your family members. Wonderful! It sounds like you had a fantastic Snow Day. What a great way to end the Snow Day as well, Family Movie Night!


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