Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Everyone Matters

It is great to be back at school after Spring Break. The warmer weather feels wonderful. Everyone came back refreshed and ready to get back at it!

We had a great start this week. One of the things we did the first day back was talk about our goals for the rest of the school year. We have less than eight weeks until we are fourth graders! There's a lot to accomplish between now and then.

We will be talking more about goals in the weeks ahead.

To get us started on our last eight weeks we took a moment to think about how Everyone Matters. This great idea is from Miss Bosch, our school Social Worker. Mrs. Bosch and some Pinewood students made a great video to explain what Everyone Matters is all about. Check it out below!

The first day back after Spring Break as we look ahead to a busy eight weeks is a perfect time to stop and think about what makes each of special. We brainstormed some ideas about what is unique about each of us. Then we traced our hand and cut them out.

We had a chance to share about what words we chose and why we chose them. Here are a few examples of what we think about ourselves.

Check out the video below for some more examples. And be sure to check out our school tree full of these great "I Am" statements the next time you stop by!

We all have things that we do well or that are special about us. We'd love to hear what is special about all who visit here. Please let us know what is unique about you in the comment section below.


  1. Dear class,

    I am Jack I am good at sports.

  2. Dear class,
    I am good at Math & making games.

  3. Dear class,
    I am artistic. My favorite type of art is paper and paint.

  4. Mrs.Essenburg,
    I am Claire And I am Good at Literacy! I am also good at Hilarious, Also I am good at the piano especially disney themed songs. (AND EVERYTHING ELASE IN THE WORLD!!!!!!)

  5. Dear Mrs.Essenburg,
    My name is Ruby.
    I do front flips on the trampolin very well.
    I can type very well.
    I read very well.

  6. Dear Class,

    I am Jocelyn I am athletic...I used to wrestle and I wish I still did. I am artistic...most kids in my class love my drawings. I am creative...I love to make crafts in my room.

    Your friend,

  7. I am Kaiya and I am silly because I talk silly sometimes.

  8. I am Deven,
    I am ...
    Nice, Smart, Good at Basketball, Writing, Reading.

  9. Dear Mrs. Essenburg,
    Hi am Kaydance I am good at reading, coloring, drawing, making new friends and studying hard. There are a few things I am good at. what are you good at?

  10. I am Conner,

    and I am good at being weird and also math and writing. also from time to time drawing. being a good friend
    and being fair and honest. these are some of the things I am good at!

  11. Dear Mrs. Essenburg
    My name is Ryan I can swim, jump of clif's I can go down slides and jump on trampolines I can cuneo I can eat ice cream I can play games I can write a paragraph I can do good in math I can play electronics I can be a kid I can ride a bus I can climb walls I can bounce on a ball I can leave a comment. and I am awesome

  12. I'm Sara Jean and I am... Friendly, Athletic,and a NERD. Here are some ways I am friendly, I have two friends here are some things they say about me. " She is the greatest friend in the universe!!!" said Jozzy. "She is nice and pretty!!!" said Ruby.


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