Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Learning about Cause and Effect

For our last post before Spring Break I wanted to share with you something fun we have been doing with reading.

In Mrs. Essenburg's classroom we have been learning about cause and effect. Finding cause and effect relationships when we read is an important comprehension skill. We have been practicing this skill in a variety of ways.

One thing we did was make a paper slide video about Cause and Effect to get us started thinking about how Cause and Effect works. Take a look at it below.

We read a lot of stories, both fiction and nonfiction, and looked for cause and effect relationships. After reading a lot of examples, we tried our hand at writing some cause and effect stories. We put them on Book Creator.

Take a look at our Cause and Effect stories!

Here is Tessa's Cause and Effect story.

Here is Jaelyn's Cause and Effect story.

Here is Claire's Cause and Effect story.

Conner and Sara Jean recorded their Cause and Effect story. Listen to it below.

Here is Kiersten's Cause and Effect story.

Gavin and Andrew also decided to record their Pokemon Cause and Effect story.

Here is Ruby and Jocelyn's Cause and Effect story.

Here is Deven and Kaydance's Cause and Effect story.

Here is Kaiya's Cause and Effect story.

It is a lot of fun to think of cause and effect relationships and stories. Can you think of one and share it with us in the comment section below? We could start a great story!

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