Thursday, May 21, 2015

Descriptive Writing Partners

Over the second semester we have been collaborating with a class in Australia on a writing project. I am very excited to show you the finished products. First a little background.

We worked together with Miss Bardem's classroom. They are at the Morang South Primary School in Victoria, Australia.

Our writing project involved drawing a picture and then writing a description of the picture we drew. We used a Padlet to brainstorm ideas about what to draw. It was fun seeing the ideas from our partners in Australia.

After we chose our topic we drew our picture. Then it was time to write our descriptions of our picture for our partners in Australia. It took a long time to write the descriptions. We were concentrating on being very descriptive and detailed!

When we finished we sent our descriptions off to our friends in Australia and shortly after that we got their descriptions to see if we could draw their pictures. Click here to visit Miss Bardem's classroom blog to see how close we got!

Read below for our written description and both our drawing and the drawing from our friends in Australia. Our drawings are on the left or on the top. The drawings from the students in Australia are on the right or on the bottom.

Kaydance's description of a house.

Kayla's description of a pizza.

Kaiya's description of a sunflower.

Andrew's description of a rain drop shower.
Anthony's description of a steam engine.
Conner's description of a boxcar.
Deven's description of a cake.

Gavin's description of a soccer ball.
Ruby's description of a pizza.
Ryan's description of StampyLongnose (from Minecraft).

Sophie's description of a sunflower.
Tessa's description of a seahorse.
Jaelyn's description of a birthday cake.

Claire's description of a face.
Sara Jean's description of a honey bee.
Bradyn's description of an iPhone 6.

Jocelyn's description of a bumblebee.
Lexi's description of a sunflower.
Jack's description of a pizza and a piece of cheese.
Kiersten's description of a robot.

Many, many thanks to our partners at Morang South Primary School in Australia. We had a wonderful time with this project and look forward to collaborating again!

What do you think? How did we do with being specific with our descriptions? We would love to hear what you think of our writing project.


  1. hi my name is Tristan I did the boxcar and the train. I like your idea on the boxcar and train.

  2. Hi my name is Declan and I am here to say thank you for our gifts. regards Declan (:

  3. Dear Room 15

    I really enjoyed this task that we did with you!


  4. I can not believe how close I was with stampy long nose

  5. thanks for the package we had so much fun :]

  6. I love your pictures. We all got so close.

  7. I really like your pictures and your drawing

  8. I love the picture's and they LOOK so close LOVE THEM

  9. dear HG 15 thank you for our lollies (candy),book and letter.

  10. Dear HG15,
    thankyou for the book and the candy you sent us. We are excited to taste the air heads and are very thankful.
    From Tahlia!!!!!!!

  11. Hi room 15 I think your drawings are really good.

  12. Great job room 15!
    I love the Drawings you did!
    From your Friend from M.S.P.S

  13. Hi HG 15 likeing your blog so far can not wait for further updates.

  14. Dear class,

    I like how theres a lot of description. You did a great job.

  15. sara i love yo yo ma. i want to play the cello when i am older.

  16. Dear Mrs.Essenburg, I t was very fun doing the drawing project.

  17. Dear Kiersten,
    awesome robot. I am amazed how great you drew.


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