Sunday, May 31, 2015

Life Long ago.

We are currently learning about what life was like for the first settlers in our area.

Things were very different then!

We visited a one room schoolhouse to get an idea about how school was different.

Students used slates instead of paper, and all different ages were in one room!

We visited a house called The Tiffany House to learn what it was like to live more than one hundred years ago.

 They used stoves that were heated by wood and had to pump water from a well.

 Most houses didn't have electricity.

Children then did not have a lot of the toys that children have today. There was no television, movies, or video games. However, children found things to play with.

One of the things children might have played with is called a thaumatrope. What is a thaumatrope? It was popular in the 1800's and was the very beginnings of animation.

We tried our hand at making thaumatropes to get a better understanding of one of the toys children might have played with long ago. It took a bit of work as they aren't as easy to make as they look! Check out our thaumatropes below.

What do you think of our thaumatropes? If you were to make a thaumatrope, what two images would you choose to try to blend together?

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  1. Those are very cool, I love how creative everyone's images they blended were. I think if I were to make one I would try for a jack in the box one image with just a box and one image of a jumping jester.


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