Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Blogging Challenge!

We want to welcome any classes that stop by to visit us during the Student Blogging Challenge!

What is the Student Blogging Challenge?

One of the many reasons to blog is to connect with classes from all over the world. A Blogging Challenge is a wonderful way to do that. We get new and exciting prompts to blog about each week.

Lots of different classes from around the world have signed up to participate in the Student Blogging Challenge. So no only do we get to work on fun and interesting posts, we also get to visit other classes and see the great things they are doing!

Here are some of the classes we will be visiting during the Blogging Challenge.

Mrs. Amri's class in Oregon has already stopped by to visit us and left some comments. Thank you so much for the comments, Mrs. Amri's class! We stopped by to see the great things you are doing and will be visiting again soon.

Mrs. Pratt's 4/5 Class in Adelaide, Australia

Miss Moore's Class in New Zealand

The more we learn about all the different people in the world, the more we learn about the many similarities we all share. 

Classes that are visiting us, feel free to comment either on our main page or on our individual blogs. You can read our individual blogs by clicking on the Kidblog icon at the top of the page. 

For the Student Blogging Challenge we get to blog with other classes across the United States and the world. We will get the chance to have conversations with lots of different students. We will have new fun blogging challenges to try. What are you most excited about regarding the Student Blogging Challenge?

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  1. Dear Mrs. Essenburg and Class,
    Thanks for visiting our blog last week. We see you tweet too. We did a Twitter challenge with our friends in Canada, but should really get back to daily tweeting. Thanks for reminding us of this. We think that one of the most exciting thing about doing to the challenge is connecting with real students in other states and countries. It makes the world seem smaller. We also like having a real audience for our writing and learning new web tools.
    From, Mrs. Amri and The Crew


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