Sunday, March 1, 2015

Having fun with Possessive Nouns

Grammar can sometimes have a reputation of not being that interesting.

That doesn't have to be true! Here is one way we made learning about grammar fun.

One of the things we learn in third grade is how to write possessive nouns correctly.

What is a possessive noun?

We know that a Noun is a person, place, thing or idea.

Here are some examples of nouns:

Nouns can be a person--Girl (One of the amazing girls in my classroom.)

Nouns can be a place--Playground (Right outside our door!)

Nouns can be a thing--Violin
 A possessive noun shows ownership. To show that ownership, we put an apostrophe and then the letter s after the noun that owns something.

The girl's sweatshirt. The sweatshirt belongs to the girl.

The playground's basketball court. The basketball hoops are part of the playground. (We're not playing on them much right now though!)

Mrs. Essenburg's violin. The violin belongs to Mrs. Essenburg.

After learning how to write possessive nouns we practiced using possessive nouns with the app Skitch. We found items around the classroom and wrote sentences using possessive nouns. Here are some of our Skitch's.

(Okay, the baby puma wasn't in the classroom. Wouldn't it have been cool though if it was!)

We also learned how to use possessive nouns when the nouns are plural, which means there are two or more. When the nouns are plural, you put the apostrophe after the s. That's the only difference!

Here is a Skitch example of plural possessive nouns.

 There is a lot more than one student here, so the apostrophe goes after the s.

After we learned about plural possessives we worked together to write an ABC Book about possessive nouns using the Book Creator app. Each of us took a letter and some did more than one.

Here is Our Amazing ABC Book of Possessive Nouns made with Book Creator!

The best way to become good at anything--including using possessive nouns correctly--is to practice! Comment below with a sentence using a possessive noun. For example, here's one from Mrs. Essenburg. My computer's mouse needs a new battery.

Your turn!


  1. Dear Mrs. Essenburg's Class,
    What a great post about possessive nouns. Your creative use of pictures, Skitch and Book Creator really make the subject of grammar come alive. Thank you for sharing your learning with us. We will be looking at your blog beginning this week and look forward to sharing our learning with you. We hope you will visit our class blog and our individual blogs when you can and leave us a comment. Here is our possessive sentence for you: Mrs. Amri's class wants to learn more about Mrs. Essenburg's class.
    From, Mrs. Amri and Class

  2. Dear Mrs. Essenburg's Class,
    That is cool that you like grammar. We do too. We tweeted our vocabulary words on our sidebar. Take a look.
    From, Ethan

  3. Dear class,

    This is Jack's shoe.

  4. Dear Mrs.E,

    Bradyn's stuffed animals nose fell off.
    From bradyn

  5. Dear class,
    Here is a possessive noun. The girls' flashlight are cool!!!!

  6. Dear Mrs. Essenburg's Class

    The boy's money is gone

  7. Dear Mrs. Essenburg,
    Here is my sentance. the girl's shirt is black.

  8. Dear Mrs.Essenburg
    Here is my sentence. Mrs.Essenburg's class has 22 people in it.

    from Tessa

  9. Dear Mrs. Essenburg,

    Here is sentence- The students' flashlights are bright.

  10. Dear Mrs.E,
    My sentence is... The girl`s shirt is black.


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