Sunday, March 15, 2015

Getting Started with Fractions

We have been working hard on learning about fractions in Room 15.

There is a lot to learn about fractions, so like any new unit, we started with what we knew. We found out we knew quite a lot!

After breaking apart a candy bar together and seeing the fairest way to share it, we made some fraction rules. Here is what we decided.

1. Fractions are less than 1.

2. Fractional pieces need to be the same size.

3. When we compare fractions, it is important that the two wholes we are dividing into fractions are the same size. Otherwise it isn't fair. 1/4 of the first Butterfinger is less than 1/4 of the second Butterfinger!

We did a Skitch Scavenger hunt to see how many fractions we could find around the room. Here are some of the fractions we found.

There are other ways to think about fractions. Another way we are thinking about fractions is to put fractions on a number line.

I'll let the students show you what they've learned (so far--more to come!) about putting fractions on number lines. Here is Kiersten and Ryan.

Here is Tessa and Jaelyn.

We will be working with fractions a lot more over the coming weeks, but we are off to a great start!

Fractions are everywhere! Can you find an example of some fractions where you are right now? Mrs. Essenburg has a bottle of water by her computer. There is about 3/4 of the water left in the bottle. Also, there are 5 pencils in Mrs. Essenburg's pencil holder. 3/5 of the pencils are sharpened and 2/5 of them are not. Can you share an example of some fractions you see?

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