Monday, February 8, 2016

Kidwish 2016

We started off our school year with a collaborative project called Kidwish 2016.

For Kidwish, we started with thinking of a wish we had for the world for  the year 2016. We were going to connect with students in Ms. Chapman's third grade class in Andover, Kansas and share our wishes with them.

After we decided what our wishes for the world were, we made cards for our friends in Kansas. We each wrote to a student in Ms. Chapman's class and that same student wrote back to us!

Then we worked on writing essays about our wishes to share with our friends in Kansas. Check them out below.

Joey's wish:

Lainie's wish:

Meredith's wish:

Mason T's wish:

Julian's wish:

Shiloh's wish:

Dorothy's wish:

Addison's wish:

Andrew's wish:

Sydney's wish:

Mason W.'s wish:

Selena's wish:

Camden's wish:

Cordelia's wish:

Ethan's wish:

Korin's wish:

Lauren's wish:

Riley's wish:

Jordan's wish;

Kaityn's wish:

Omar's wish:

Avery's wish:

Then it was time to mail the letters and wait to receive our letters from Kansas. After we received them, we were able to Skype with Ms. Chapman's class and meet the person we wrote the letter to. It was great to see them!

We had a wonderful time connecting with Ms. Chapman's class. We are hoping to also connect with them on their classroom blog and our blogs.

Were you able to read any of our essays? We would love to hear your thoughts about an essay you read in the comment section below.

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  1. I spent part of my snow day reading through these essays. I was so impressed by each one, the ideas and quality of writing were both excellent. Thank you for sharing your wishes.


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