Thursday, February 25, 2016

Snow Day Challenge #1

Hello Amazing Third Graders!

As promised, here is your first Snow Day Challenge.

Your first challenge is...


Yes, Create! You can create out of paper, blocks, toys, snow, toothpicks, and well, pretty much anything! Use your imagination and make a creation.

Then, tell us about your creation on your blog. Write an amazing paragraph (or more) explaining your creation. If you can, upload a picture of what you made.

I will check back at the end of the day and update our class blog with the creations.

Check out these awesome Snow Day Challenge blog posts!

Sydney wrote a great paragraph all about the zoo she created. Check out her paragraph at her blog, Sydney's Stupendous Blog.

Dorothy wrote a wonderful blog post about her Lego Creation. Looks really cool!

Read about what she created on her blog here: Dorothy's Distinctive Blog.

Lainie made a monster during our Snow Day! Read her great post. Lainie's Magnificent Blog.

Have an amazing Snow Day and I look forward to seeing your wonderful creations!

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