Monday, February 29, 2016

Math Around the Room

We have been working hard on learning area and perimeter of rectangles over the past few weeks. 

What is Area?

What is Perimeter?

As a way to review, we spent some time finding rectangles in the classroom and figuring out the area and perimeter. We used the Skitch app to take pictures of rectangles in the room.

We then had to measure the rectangle we chose and compute the area and perimeter.

It was a great way to review the concepts that we've learned and also practice our measurement skills.

We used the app Skitch to show our work.

Take a look at some of our pictures.

Here is Meredith and Sydney's Skitch picture.

Here is Julian and Avery's Skitch picture.

Here is Riley and Shiloh's Skitch picture.

Here is Mason T. and Dorothy's Skitch Picture.

Here is Lainie and Lauren's Skitch picture.

We also used Skitch to start thinking about fractions in our new fraction unit.

We took pictures of items in the classroom and divided them into equal portions.

We can find math wherever we look. Can you think of some times when we use area, perimeter, or fractions in our daily life?


  1. Dear Mrs. Essenburg's Class,
    We are looking forward to getting to know your class through the Blogging Challenge. We are excited to learn more about school in Michigan, and see what is similar or different our school here in Oregon. Thanks for sharing your learning about measurement in math. Skitch looks like a great app for finding everyday objects to measure and then share your work with others. We will try it out. We hope you will visit our class blog as well as our individual blogs during the challenge. Here is the link:

    From, Mrs. Amri's Class

  2. Wow, as a maths loving teacher from NZ I love these pictures. I will have to explain to my team that in the US you use a different measuring system. Thanks for sharing your work. Mrs Stanway -Edendale Primary School, Southland, NZ


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